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Welcome to our

At our core, we love to explore...

Charting new territories gets us excited!!!

And together we are stronger. 

digital marketing strategist

Right! Let's introduce you to Ty...

He's our founder

Ty makes for a great navigator, and keeps us aligned and our projects on track. 

Over the years, his roles have varied from Digital Strategist to Optimisation Specialist.


He takes care of our paid media campaigns and analyses our data to report back to client and optimise performance. 

His treasures are nuggets of insight dug up from the depths of data & analytics.

website developer

And here we have Tony!

Representing TeamTony

Ant loves to make our client's lives easier, and does so ingeniously through digital technologies.

He heads up our website and platform development projects, and works closely with Ty to capitalise on our client's data & analytics reports. 

And he is a verified WIX & Paystack partner! Which is great for content rich and e-commerce platforms by the way!

copy writer

Dayle's our word wizz

Dayle, the one with an extra zing! That 'oemph', if you want to call it that. If she were a dish, she'd be umami.

She crafts characterised copy for our brand's voices across social platforms. 

We're still not sure if she found us, or if we found her, but together the journey is far more entertaining.

graphic designer

Tarien, our painter in disguise

Hailing from Graphic Concepts

Tarien's journey is as unique as her designs – from the structured world of architecture to graphic design.

She finds freedom in colouring outside the lines, and brings our content plans to life through design, video and animation. 

She helps take our projects from brief to brilliance!


Luke brings flair

Representing Lucky Luke

Luke is our go to for video production, and speclialises in brand, web, social, and print design. 

He is an Adobe and Figma genius, and, how's this - He has a BA Degree In Fashion!

He has worked with businesses like FEDISA, Ellerman House, Out2Africa, Rhino Africa, Spot Money, and Floatpays to name a few...

Are you ready to get started and onboard your digital marketing team?

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